Meeting Specialized Industry Needs

Manufacturer of High Quality Lubricants

A manufacturing & sales corporation of high quality lubricants, release agents and industrial applications. We enjoy unique partnerships with our customers and will continue in product development, sales, and distribution for the ever changing and evolving needs of our customers.


Committment to Quality

It is the policy of JCL Specialty Products to provide defect-free products the first time and every time and to provide services to meet our customers’ needs.

JCL Specialty Products, Inc. was organized in 1995 in order to meet specialized product needs. Over the years our staff and departments have worked closely with our clients and have listened to their needs to develop the exceptional products we carry today.

Formulation Adjustments Made To Order

We can also meet your needs through flexibility and the ability to rapidly modify our manufacturing processes. This enables us to quickly make formulation adjustments to our release agents to meet your specific requirements. JCL Specialty Products will strive to accomodate your request.

All Products from JCL


Cold End Coating
Lubricant & Antistatic Agent

Industrial Applications

Graphite – Industrial Release Compound
Graphite – High Temp Dry Film Lubricant